• Meenakshi Krishna


When life throws you lemons🍋, just take a look at 90 YO Dada Ji and that’s all the perspective you need to turn your view of the situation around.


In this generation of instant gratification, we always seek the best and next, new shiny attraction. Reality is that it is impossible for every day to be full of excitement and new adventures and this conquest leaves us with even greater voids. What I’ve learned from my grandfather is that peace and happiness never lies in seeking it elsewhere. Once you’ve found inner peace, then even the smallest joys like a pink tongue after sneaking a lollipop or learning how to take a selfies can be the highlight of your day. I certainly have miles and miles to go on my personal journey to inner peace, but whenever I falter and find myself dreading a mundane night in and getting sucked into the glamour and pretense of social media, I make sure to look at him and turn my perspective the other way around.


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