• Meenakshi Krishna

Indian Monsoon Parallels

In India, the #monsoonnurtures & devastates - brings life and sometimes death. It is both anticipated and dreaded” - Neha Kripal. Yet artists, musicians, and poets all celebrate the monsoon and its #twofoldnature.

We, too, have many elements that we simultaneously love and hate in life— sometimes we forget that both elements can #coexist and are necessary to bring out beauty.

As lovers, with the sweetest and immense peaks of #passion also come the greatest and most turbulent waves of #sorrow upon departure. A deeply piercing and painful departure. But in that departure, is the light and ability to be thankful that we had an experience once so beautiful that provokes us to weep.

As #artists and #entrepreneurs, we encounter creative blocks and struggles. We at times risk stability to pursue what we love. However, we also have the privilege to venture towards ideas that make working a beautiful heartfelt expression of our beliefs. And what a beautiful privilege that is.

As healthcare professionals, we work steadfast towards our goals, spending tireless hours under the tube light with incessant beeping of EKG monitors, and then hours at home afterwards studying during our prime years. There’s a tendency to get burnt out, but there is also immense beauty in the work we do and the lives we touch.

Life is a beautiful amalgamation of opposites - hate & love, nurturing & devastation, anticipation & dread. It is the coexistence of opposites and our ability to use #mindset to appreciate the presence both extremes that can one day help us move forward and past roadblocks in situations. #foodforthought - what are opposites that coexist in your life?


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