Dear Friend,


The idea of my Mantra took birth during COVID when I realized other individuals of a bicultural identity were undergoing a similar emotional re-discovery and growth period as I did in 2018. 


 In 2018 when my father received the news that he had terminal cancer that had spread to other organs, none of my prior experiences had prepared me or our family for this diagnosis or his passing.


Something was always missing in my subsequent wellness and growth journey.


I wanted my wellness support to be: 


  1. Culturally sensitive

  2. Cost-Effective

  3. Community-Based


During this time, I attended an intensive retreat, the Happiness Project offered by the Art of Living focussed on resilience, relaxation, and breathing. I also deeply studied the literature on mindfulness, the mind-body relationship, and emotional coaching.  I also went on to obtain my certification in life coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and meditation teaching. Tying this all in with the deeper spirituality I gained from Isha Kriya seminars, I was able to tap into my inner spirituality and define one of my life purposes as promoting wellness. Having been through a personal journey of growth, I empathize and understand the struggles. Therefore, my team and I developed My Mantra – an all-encompassing wellness journey. 


We hope you join us, and our goal is to help you find purpose & develop coping skills through culturally competent, affordable, and continuous coaching.


M. Krishna