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Emotional Coaching

1. Meet with Accountability Coach

Your accountability coach will have an initial goal setting meeting with you, match you with an emotional coach, and  meet with you once a month to hold you accountable. 

2. Get Matched With Emotional Coach

Your emotional coach will work with you one on one to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and help you develop tools and skills to cope and achieve the goals.

3. Integrate Support Groups & Classes

Your accountability coach will work with you to integrate classes & make sure you are making the most of the community and platform to reach your goals!

South Asian & BIPOC Relationship & Dating 

Accountability Coach + Emotional Coach + Peer Group


Some of what we cover: 


  • Setting healthy boundaries & discovering nonnegotiables

  • Coping with societal pressures and norms to "settle down"

  • Familial pressures & involvement in the dating process

  • Mindset coaching, resilience training, and self-confidence

  • More customized goals based on intake! 

Career Coaching

 At the current moment, our career coaching is geared towards young professionals, but we will be expanding our platform in June.  


Our career coaches have gained acceptances to top undergraduate institutions such as Harvard, Caltech, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Duke, U Chicago, Cornell, and more


And medical schools including UPenn SOM, Yale SOM, Columbia SOM, NYU SOM, UCLA SOM,  Johns Hopkins SOM, NYU li SOM


They also have experience in the start-up and tech space and have received offers from companies such as Facebook and McKinsey & Co. 



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Online Coaching
Our sessions are conducted via video call or phone call.
Our mission is affordable wellness. First session is free (our 30-minute consultation) & we will work with you after that to meet your needs!

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During COVID, we understand that many individuals may be feeling loneliness, confusion, angst, and more. Coaching and other resources during this time can be expensive. There are many challenges of having a bi cultural identity that may make navigating this time even more difficult.


My Mantra is offering one free 30 - minute session and then accessible emotional coaching packages.

If you are a student, temporarily unemployed, undergoing other financial challenges, etc during this time, please let us know. We are here to work with you. Our mission is to reach as many community members and be able to help you through this difficult time.

Please sign up below. We will reach out to you shortly with more details!