# Empower With Authenticity 

"As I see it, the essence of human connection lies in authenticity. Exchanging vulnerabilities shouldn’t equate to weakness. It actually requires immense strength to express vulnerability-- an impetus for tremendous emotional growth." - MK


#EmpowerWithAuthenticity aims to encourage vulnerability and authenticity. We showcase entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists normalizing such authentic exchanges. We are thankful for their support of our platform and their time in sharing their narratives.


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Empowerment Role Model Lineup

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 11.28.01 AM.pn

Julia Canick, Harvard '17

Dr. Rani Banik.jpg

Dr. Rani Banik, Neuro-ophthalmologist

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Ramita Ravi, Entrepreneur & Dancer

Power of authenticity & Vulnerability 

Migraines & and accepting physical limitations

New Ventures & Accepting Loneliness

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Aditi Sundaram, PM @ Goldman Sachs

Sakshi pic 3.HEIC

Sakshi Saigal, Managing Partner 

@KSA Development Ventures 


Vedang Uttawar, MD Candidate

Power of Saying No & Vulnerabilities 

Financial Independence for Women 

Mental Health in South Asian Diaspora


Priya Kumar, CEO @ Premini Events


SAMAA Singing Group


Manan Shah, SAMAA Singer

Stay tuned in Jan!

Stay tuned in Jan!

Stay tuned in Jan!

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Ratna Gill, Harvard Kennedy School 

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.54.09 PM.png

Jyoti Chand, Writer & Influencer


Ali Nizamani, SAMAA Singer

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Stay tuned in Feb!

Stay tuned in Feb!


Milan Shah, SAMAA Singer

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Srihari Sritharan, DJ & Youth Icon

Stay tuned in Feb!


Vaidehi Gajjar, Writer &MH Advocate

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Dr. Flora Sinha


Dr. Pinkey Patel



Dr. Sonia Patel @capsulecares


Tanya Percy Vasunia

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